About me: I am an audio professional who specializes in video games.

The three chief professional interests in my life are:  Audio, Technology, and Psychology.

In high school I made my first game. It was titled Mr. T vs The Space Aliens and was written in Hypercard on an Apple IIe. The game was very similar to Asteroids but with Mr. T fictionally flying the spaceship.

In college I was an avid gamer, and wrote my own RPG. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a bachelors of science in Computer Engineering, I moved to Austin Texas to gig with my band on 6th Street. Life is funny, and in the same week I received an acceptance letter to pursue a PhD in Psychology, I also got an offer to work at Midway Austin.  It was a very tough decision for me, one I knew would have reverberations for the rest of my life…

By seeking a career in Game Audio I knew I could fuse my three passions into one. I’m very thankful to have been given the opportunity to follow my dream.