My objective is to work with inspired developers creating groundbreaking interactive audio.

Employment History

Lead Audio Designer: Certain Affinity, Jan 2020 – current

  • Creating and articulating audio vision for AAA title
  • Managing small team of internal and external sound designers
  • Identifying technical audio requirements, and establishing audio production pipelines
  • Authoring hero-level audio assets

Technical Audio Designer: 343 Industries, Aug 2018 – Dec 2019

  • Recorded and integrated audio in HALO INFINITE
  • Developed audio systems for HALO INFINITE
  • Managed audio mix rooms (Crestron, Intonato, Dolby Atmos)

Audio Director: Wargaming Seattle, Jul 2017 – Aug 2018

  • Established audio vision
  • Set quality requirements
  • Created audio production pipeline
  • Managed internal team and outsourcing

Lead Audio Designer: Wargaming Seattle, Oct 2014 – Jul 2017

  • Built bleeding-edge audio systems
  • Oversaw mix for the project
  • Conducted field recording and VO sessions

Audio Producer: Wargaming Seattle, Oct 2013 – Oct 2014

  • Established Audio Department
  • Produced all SFX assets
  • Purchased all audio software and studio gear
  • Hiring Manager for WGS Audio Dept

Sound Designer: Monolith (WB Games), Sep 2008 – Oct 2013

  • Developed audio systems for SHADOW OF MORDOR
  • Authored and implemented assets for Lord of the Rings, Batman, and FEAR series

Jr. Sound Designer: Midway Austin, Apr 2007 – Sep 2008

  • Worked on open world, GTA-style unreleased project
  • *Intern of the Decade Award Winner (Feb 2007 – Apr 2007)


“Stephen truly immerses into every detail. He exudes an enthusiasm that energizes a team, and his approach to sound design creates a powerful soundscape that stand apart from the rest.”
-Chad Queen, Director of Production, Crystal Northwest
-Colleague of Stephen’s at Wargaming Seattle

“After working with Stephen, he showed me how a world class sound designer can take an audio experience to a new level. I would work with Stephen anytime, anywhere and on any project.”
-Chris Taylor, Founder Gas-Powered Gagmes / GM Wargaming Seattle
-Stephen’s direct manager at Wargaming Seattle

“Stephen Brown is a very talented creative, great sound designer, strong leader and mentor. Definitely the person you would want on your team. He not only cares about the audio but also the individual.”
-Brian Pamintuan, Dir of Audio, Monolith
-Stephen’s direct manager at Monolith

“Stephen would be an exceptional asset to any project or team. A strong communicating self starter with great instincts and big ears. I would definitely work with Stephen again if given the opportunity.”
-Marc Schaefgen, World-wide Audio Director, Midway Games
-Stephen’s direct manager at Midway Austin

“Stephen Brown is an excellent sound designer, director, and audio lead who excels at all facets of game audio. He is able to execute a sonic vision with clarity and precision rarely seen in the game audio industry!”
-Egan Budd, Sr. Sound Designer, Facebook
-Reported directly to Stephen at Wargaming Seattle

“Stephen Brown did a fantastic job keeping everyone moving together in our department, allowing each team member to showcase their individual strengths while keeping everyone moving toward the same ultimate vision. We were consistently able to hit our milestone deliverables and adapt to a project with shifting direction and due date. He was always willing to help tackle difficult tasks and provided excellent guidance and mentorship throughout the entire project. As a team leader, Stephen earns my highest recommendation.”
-Kevin Salchert, Technical Sound Designer & Composer, Amazon Games
-Reported directly to Stephen at Wargaming Seattle

“Stephen is an all around phenomenal human. He’s had a huge impact on many amazing sounding titles. He worked pure magic on the characters in The Shadow of Mordor. I’ve always been a huge fan of his work!”
-Kristen Quebe, Audio Director, Riot Games

“From concept to completion, I trust Stephen to bring audio to life at every stage of the process.”
-Kevin Patzelt, Audio Director, Undead Labs


Texas A&M University @ College Station
BS: Computer Science (Engineering)
Minor: Music

  • Computer Science – Software Engineering, Object-Oriented Programming, C++, Java
  • Music — Sound Recording, Electronic Composition, Music Theory


  • Visionary Audio Direction
  • Creative Sound Design
  • Technical Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Recruiting
  • Consulting


  • AUDIO ENGINES: Wwise, Fmod
  • DAWS: Reaper, Pro Tools
  • 2-TRACK EDITORS: Sound Forge, Audition
  • SFX DATABASE: Soundminer, Netmix
  • SOURCE CONTROL: Perforce, Git
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Jira, Confluence

Career Highlights

  • Award Winning AAA audio designer
  • Recorded 40+ military vehicles in three countries
  • Foley artist for Talion in Shadow of Mordor
  • Contributed audio to $5 billion dollar franchise
  • Lectured at DigiPen, Northwestern University, and WGDF